Be Love.

Y’Gotta Eat!!!

I recently celebrated a birthday, which is also the anniversary date for the union of my partner and I, and my mother decided to gift us a lovely dining table set.
It’s one of those items that came partially assembled, and required us to complete the final steps at home.  I was so excited to have it set up that I started right away!  Things started off very well, and despite the chunk of time it took for me to decipher the instructions (why are those things so confusing???) the first two stools were assembled quite quickly and easily, and I was impressed at the quality of this furniture as all the pieces fit together to create a very sturdy chair.

Allow me to paint a picture of my past for you before I continue… before receiving the awareness/call that it was time to become a spiritual teacher, I was employed for several years as a professional chef.  During my time in that industry, I was heavily conditioned to always be racing against the clock.  In other words, no time was to be spent doing “nothing”, and I therefore picked up some very unhealthy habits due to being yelled at if I were not seen doing something “productive”.  You may have heard the saying, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean!”.  This is a very fitting slogan for the food/restaurant industry.  Toward the end of this career, I was noticing that I really wasn’t taking very good care of myself.  For example, I rarely took breaks to eat and/or visit the washroom because I had conditioned myself to literally become a soldier of production.  Needless to say, in the last year of this employment I was visiting the doctor regularly with various issues, all based on my not taking time to properly nourish and nurture my self.  Talk about a wake up call!

Since then I have released a LOT of those old conditionings, but… as I am still human… they do come up at times – and it’s all about how we respond when they do that creates our experience.
Putting together the table was one of those times…

I had become so involved in putting this furniture together that I had completely skipped lunch.  I began to notice my tummy grumble, but I convinced myself I would be finished soon, since the first two chairs were assembled so quickly.
I began to notice my mind was slowing down as my hunger grew, but stuck to my story that finishing the assembly was more important.  So, guess what started to happen?  Screws and bolts weren’t fitting… I was putting pieces in backwards and upside down… and pieces of hardware were ‘mysteriously’ disappearing!
This might have been enough for many people to stop, take a break, and come back to it later… but my old “soldier of production” mindset had taken the wheel and was in full control.

Eventually I ‘completed’ the remaining two chairs – even though parts were missing and others were defective – and my partner came home to find me ‘done’.  He had made a suggestion to loosen some bolts to see if we could fix the problems in another way, to which I just waved a white flag of surrender.  I was DONE!  I could barely form my thoughts into words.  He noticed the state I was in, and God love him, he made me a tuna sandwich.  And let me tell you, that was THE BEST tuna sandwich I had ever had!  Instantly my energy began to rise, and I was a little surprised with myself for letting myself go so far out on the edge of sanity like that.

So many of us go through our daily lives in a similar manner, and because we are so conditioned to ‘do’ and therefore essentially ignore our Being, we often don’t realize that we are missing out on opportunities to nourish ourselves in ways that facilitate the ease that is intended for us all.  Had I taken the time to just stop, eat, clear my mind by focusing on something different, I would have created a much easier experience for myself overall – with a very good possibility of no defects, missing parts, and the like.

Nourishment is essential for life to thrive.  We’ve all noticed that we gain energy from ingesting food when we’re hungry and feeling weak.  And I’m certain most of us have experienced the same boost in energy after a meditation or yoga practice, or countless other methods of soul nourishment.  Yet, we tend to ignore our soul’s request for nourishment by keeping ourselves “too busy”.
What is it that we are distracting ourselves with that could possibly be more important?  Certainly there are things for us to do, and there is nothing written that says “stop doing them”, but when we are being busy in our minds (and hold ourselves in that space) we are never being as productive as we can be when we allow ourselves the time and space for proper nourishment.  When we are fed, life is easier.  Of course I’m referring to feeding our body, mind AND spirit.

We all have our special ways of stilling our minds, and connecting to our inner self.  Whether it be meditation in the form of sitting, breathing, walking in nature, listening to or creating music, or playing with a pet or child… there are infinite ways for us to nourish ourselves.  We’ve all had that experience of wondrous stillness that comes with self care and connection to True life.

Next time you find yourself feeling ‘stuck’… in figuring out a problem, trying to think of what step to take next, or just finding time to be still… stop.  Right there, just stop.  Take a breath, and invite yourself to let go and nourish yourself by moving into stillness.  Here, we will always (all ways) find our solutions, and trust that it is safe to wait for the next step to present itself in perfect and divine order and timing as well as choose the time to nourish the Self by simply being still… even if for just a moment.  And remember that the more we try to go about life in our old (fear based) ways, the more discomfort we will experience… and this discomfort is our soul saying, “Stop hitting the snooze button… it’s time to wake up!”.

Give yourself permission to make your soul’s nourishment a priority in your daily life… there’s no “right or wrong” way to do this, as long as it feels good to you, you’re on the right track.  You already know what feels good to you… I can feel you thinking about it now. ;)

Go ahead… it’s ok… eat up!  And as my Italian grandmother used to say…

“Y’gotta eat!!!”

Be Love.

(… pass it on) :)

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