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What’s Going On???

You may have been noticing some pretty ‘interesting’ things the past 3-4 weeks, to say the least.  We have been experiencing some rather major shifts in energy, and while this is nothing new considering the past few years, these recent waves have been more powerful than in times past.

During these waves, it is very common to lose sight with what is happening in terms of the ‘big picture’, as often we are essentially in-and-out of connection with our mind and body, or so it can seem.  Of course, we are never truly disconnected from our Self, but in these times there are periods of being grounded and clear and everything is seeming ‘normal’, and in the next moment… “Poof!”… we are living in the clouds, not sure which way is up.  This wave has certainly been a doozy for the feeling of flip-flopping around.

You may have been experiencing some indications of this shift…

‘gaps’ in your short term memory – feeling the need to make lists for every day tasks; starting something then becoming distracted and re-routed in a different direction, getting ‘off track’ of your original intention; completely blanking on what you are saying while in mid-sentence, and having difficulty recalling what you were even talking about… All of these (and others) may not be completely out of the ordinary, but may seem obviously uncharacteristic and therefore confusing

hormonal issues – females experiencing unusually intense cycles in various ways. For example, having inexplicable ‘bursts’ of emotion prior to the cycle and/or the need to just be still during the cycle, as the energy feels overwhelming to comfortably focus on getting anything done… again, these may not be unusual experiences during a cycle, but they may seem more intense than usual…
I have been hearing from many, many women over the past few years experiencing similar indications, and have been visiting doctors to try and diagnose what the ‘problem’ is, often being subscribed supplemental hormones (which may or may not be helpful to each person) ~ the important thing to be aware of with this indication, is that we have been connecting with our feminine energy, as this is much of the shift we are experiencing, and when we remember that, it makes logical sense that women are going to be strongly affected… there is nothing ‘wrong’ with your body, ensure you do not see it this way… do what you feel is best, and very importantly allow your self to BE with your shifts and nurture yourself, your body and your feminine being as best you can.

inability to start anything – this is tied in with the gap in short term memory… it can also be seen as a seeming inability to finish anything.  During these waves there are phases where our productive energy is high, and we are easily getting a lot of things done, and most importantly, enjoying it!  And, there are other phases where this energy appears to have ‘dropped’, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t get anything accomplished that we want to.  The ‘lesson’ here is to trust in the feelings you have.  If it is very difficult to get things done, no matter how hard you try… stop trying so hard.  In fact, if it feels best just to ‘do nothing’, that is your best choice in that moment.  It can seem frustrating since these waves can appear to come out of nowhere, and one day everything is smooth sailing ahead, and the next you feel stopped in your tracks.  Be easy with yourself, and really surrender to knowing that it will pass, and that ‘doing nothing’ is more productive than we often think it is.  Remember that pushing yourself to get things done often creates action that needs to be ‘undone’ at a later time.  As well, be aware that there is a reason it seems like all you can do is be still… you are being called to be still and connect with your higher self and be peaceful… especially if you are still operating within old patterns of ‘pushing’ to get things done, in avoidance of just being and knowing who you are.  Align with your natural state of ease and well being, as this is always our highest choice.

deep sleeps – experiencing lulls in energy during the day; observing mental or physical exhaustion while your spirit is sparkling; finding you are experiencing deeper sleeps than usual, and having incredibly vivid dreams are common indications, as well as finding you are choosing to stay in bed a little longer than usual upon awakening in the morning.  During these times we are recharging in very big ways, and you may have been having dreams that feel as though you are being spoken to, or shown something… if you have, this is exactly what is happening.  Pay attention to the messages of these dreams, be curious and willing to ‘read between the lines’ to find their meaning.

You may find yourself having relations with people that are giving more aggressive energy than usual.  You may find yourself being one giving more aggressive energy than usual.  You may find yourself unusually sensitive to things people say or do, as you have become comfortable in seeing life ‘as is’ rather than ‘good or bad’, ‘right or wrong’.  Things may feel either completely ‘empty’ at times, or incredibly full in others, without much balance in between the two extremes.  Again, while none of this is necessarily ‘new’, it can seem odd during these times as we have become more comfortable living in our hearts, and these old energies can feel more dissonant and almost foreign when being experienced through ourselves or others.

We are being called to become clear and make our highest choices.  Again, nothing ‘new’ here, but you are likely noticing that the more you ‘sit’ on your joyful (highest) choices, the discomfort of choosing the old fears is becoming rather intense.
Many of us have been experiencing what may have felt like a “pause” on taking action in our new directions over the past couple of years, and this had all been for good reason… as everything is always perfect.  We are no longer able to ‘get ahead of ourselves’ as we used to experience, and we have had to go through a period of preparation as we not only align with our desires, but also become clear on what they are, as this is always of primary importance.  It can seem simple enough to think we know what we are wanting, but we have been learning (and will continue to) that there is a sort of process of elimination as we sift through our desires, removing the ones that are stemming from our old patterns of ‘wanting for the ego’, rather than allowing our ‘desires of the heart’ to flourish and thrive.

As we continue to remember our truth, our choices may take us in new directions in relation to television and/or internet media.  Remembering that nothing in life is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, and there is nothing inherently ‘bad’ about either, we are making more conscious distinction between what we’ve been conditioned to watch, listen to and believe, and what calls to us as truth.  And of course we are continuing our expansion in choosing better feeling thoughts and actions, and naturally shifting from our conditioned reactions, to our consciously chosen responses.  We are sure to continue witnessing the evolution of these mediums as we move forward… a welcome change indeed!  On a related note, another indication of these new energies can be experienced in electronically… ‘blips’ occurring with computers, televisions etc. that can appear more frequent and inexplicable than usual.

We are all free to create the world we most desire to live in.  We often think there is only one physical world, and that we all must conform or align to similar ways of living in order to be harmonious or in balance… this is untrue.  On the soul level, we all know that we came into this physical reality to explore and experience that which we are, through the experience of contrast of that which we are not.  We also know that we are all free to be, do and have all we desire, and that no one else has any true effect on our personal reality.  In other words, it matters not how another chooses to live their lives, as it is only our perspective of others’ choices that can ever have any effect on our own life experience.  We are being called to make choices that call to us in the highest ways, and we also understand (on a conscious level) that this is the best gift to give anyone.  There is nothing deeply profound about this, it is that simple.  Having said that, we are likely experiencing increasing examples of how we do NOT wish to live, and in this lies great opportunity for the Self to make new, conscious choices in all it wishes to be, do and have.  For example, interactions with various business practices may feel more dissonant than usual, as you may have come to realize – or are in the process of realizing – that you are wanting to change directions in your life’s work, and serve from the heart.  There’s no denying that there are many examples of fear based [business] practices in our world, and this is representative of the old energies that we are, in a sense, ‘moving out of’.  If this is the case, do your best to remain centered in who you know you are, and be clear in your desires.  Hold your vision on your desired outcome, and be open to allow the universe to assist you in its’ manifestation.  Realize that the universe sees all, and will guide you on your best and easiest path… and our best way to facilitate this is to be ease ourselves.

This is a massive shift, to say the least, and it has catapulted us into a much higher dimension of being.  Continue to be easy with yourself and others as best you can, and tend to your well being in all ways that call to you, as this is very important at this time.  Give yourself the time and space to connect… meditate, breathe, walk, play, laugh, dance… whatever it is that helps you be still, present and aware.  In light of all these waves and shifts that may feel negative, remember it is all to experience more of our innate Good… which is yet another indication of this recent shifting.  Yay!!!

There is certainly more to come, and we are completely safe and loved… but you already know this. ;)

To say this is a glorious time to be here is an understatement.  Unless of course, ‘glorious’ is defined as every possible good feeling there is, then I’d say it’s accurate. :)

Enjoy your Self!  (what else is there to do???)

Be Love.

(… pass it on!) :)

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