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The Metaphorical River of Life

As I floated down the Slocan River yesterday, relaxing in the hot summer sun on my inflatable dinghy, enveloped by nature’s serenity, I was inspired to write about how rivers are such a perfect metaphor for life.

The first and perhaps most obvious aspect to this metaphor is in the river’s natural down stream flow.  This flow represents the flow of well being which is  always in motion… never ending… and with which we are in all ways connected to.
This natural flow of well being is innately WHO WE ARE.  We don’t always see it this way, as our minds have become somewhat cluttered with complication and chaos, but it doesn’t make it any less True.

Through our mind’s conditioning to perceive life (either some or all of it) as being complicated, we’ve developed subconscious fears of allowing this natural flow to BE in our lives.  It’s as though we are floating down the easy down stream flow of the river, but through an unconscious fear or distrust in life being easy, we reach out for a branch and hang on for dear life, terrified of letting go.

Many of us hang on for lifetimes before realizing it’s exhausting to hold ourselves back from flowing easily in life.  For many of us, we are realizing this during our current lifetimes in this Earthly reality.  We call it “awakening”, “ascending”… whatever we choose to call it, we are remembering that we are safe to be who we Truly are… and are continuing on our journeys of (now) conscious evolution.

During this process of “awakening”, we may choose to let go completely and just allow the natural flow to take us wherever it may.  When we have been clutching onto control for most of our lives, this is a much needed and beneficial way to experience our Selves.  Much like opposing ends of a pendulum swing… we can often best find our balance once we have experienced both ‘extremes’ of the swing.

So, back to enjoying the flow of the river… aaaahhh… it feels so good to let go completely, and let the river (Life) guide us.

Then at some point, we open our eyes again, and realize we’re not moving because we’ve gotten caught in an eddy.   Sometimes we’ll just choose to sit and be still in this eddy – the metaphor here being… well, just that.  Learning to BE HERE.  During our journeys, we may at times feel as though we’ve been ‘dropped’ into an eddy in our lives, where no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get anywhere!
All in life is purposeful, and these times are no different.  They are invitations to surrender to trusting that all is well and divinely perfect, no matter what is going on (or not going on) in our lives.

Another aspect to the ‘eddy’ metaphor, is that when we recognize we have gotten stuck in an old pattern – and we can identify this through countless reflections… money, health, romance, career, etc. – we must take some action to reconnect ourselves back to the natural current that is flowing downstream.  In the river, we would paddle ourselves back into this current, which is always happy to support and guide us further downstream.
In life, this is when we must commit to making new choices… to go beyond that which we’ve known before.  To let go of what we think we know, and surrender to our innate, or Higher Knowledge – that aspect of our Selves that Knows All, sees All, and has the ability to see what will come ahead, and to organize everything necessary in supporting us in experiencing our greatest and highest visions of all we wish to be, do and have. We have our greatest success when we can “do” this, by first BEing in that natural flow of well being.

There are other aspects to this wonderful metaphor as well… such as getting hit in the bum with a rock that was ‘hiding’ just under the surface of the water, inviting us to open our eyes and look around with greater awareness… and perhaps one of my favorite awarenesses was pointed out by my partner, when he reminded me that the nature of the river not only changes with each season, but also with each day.  As the winter snows melt, the river rises, and as the summer passes through, the levels go down.  There is a natural ebb and flow in all of life, a breath of life, and if we allow ourselves to expand our awareness and observe and acknowledge our connection with ALL of life, we can certainly navigate our Selves downstream with the greatest of ease, the most joy and fulfillment, and ultimate freedom in the journey we wish to take.  In other words, we can paddle upstream, downstream, or not at all… we are free to choose.  And no choice is ever ‘wrong’.  It’s merely a unique expression of Self.

The only real question is, once we’ve become aware of the power of our choice, what, and more importantly, how are we choosing in each moment?

Bon voyage!

Be Love.  ♡

(… pass it on!)

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