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Spring Cleaning

It’s been a while since my last entry… in hindsight I can see I was going through a sort of ‘preparation’ for the major spring cleaning I’ve been experiencing.  I’m not referring to cleaning my house, or getting the yard ready for gardens and summer fun…although my partner and I have been doing all that… I’m referring to the metaphorical type of spring cleaning – another deep cleansing of the mind.

This year of 2012 has really sped up in terms of us getting clear, as we move forward.  Have you been experiencing much of the “out with the old, in with the new” energies?  We can see much evidence of this around our world, with still more of our old systems crumbling down while we prepare for the new, and do not be fooled by all the examples of what seem like ludicrous new systems and programs being set in place, or passed as new laws in our governments… things are moving along, just as planned.  Think of it as a “last ditch effort” being put forth by our ‘collective’ ego.  Letting go is the most frightening idea to the ego, so it’s not too surprising to see all these insane acts taking place.  Don’t get caught up in the drama of it.  Remain present and connected to Knowing that you are safe and loved, and even if you can’t “see” it, all is truly well.

Today I decided to vacuum the house, and as can sometime happen, it turned into a much deeper cleaning that I had planned on.  Recently, my partner and I have been detecting a rather strange odor in our kitchen area… one that we couldn’t identify as coming from one particular area of the room, and it wasn’t even present every day.  But when it was around, it was apparent.  So, we decided to get down on our hands and knees to see if we could find its’ source.  I got down on my belly with the vacuum and gave the under space of the couch a very much needed cleaning.  We have a beautiful dog that is a lab, husky and shepherd mix, with a double coat, so there is a lot of fur.  It always amazes me where we find clusters of fur in our house – it gets everywhere!
Under and behind the couch, we only found a couple of jelly bears, a small stone, and a couple of wrappers.  Oh yes, and a whole lot of fur!
As we continued our hunt for this elusive odor, we decided to pull the stove out from the wall to see if something were hiding back there.  I was in the other room when I heard, “Holy s*#t!”.  Gord had pulled the bottom drawer out to find enough dog fur to literally stuff a queen sized pillow with!  We also found a small chocolate chip, but no smelly, rotten culprit.

All this brought me to think, yet again, about how we go through similar experiences as we expand our consciousness.  We’ve got so much ‘stuff’ collected in our subconscious minds, and as we continue to consciously reaffirm who we really are (Love), we accelerate the cleansing process, and we must transform those old patterns that can often feel like something that’s been rotting and hiding in a corner for a very, very long time.
(to read my “garbage can metaphor” in a past entry, please click here – paragraph 5)

Have you ever taken a bit of a short cut while cleaning?  Like, if you’re dusting, rather than pick up the picture frames or the candles, do you just kinda wipe around them, maybe while thinking, “that’s good enough for now”?
I will sometimes do that, and I call them my “in between cleanings”, meaning that I’m cleaning it just enough so that the dust doesn’t bug me, and I’ll be more thorough next time.  It’s absolutely fine to do things this way, so long as we don’t get into judging either method as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, because there’s really no truth in either.

But what I’ve noticed is that when it comes to clearing and transforming our old patterns, our higher self doesn’t see “good enough” as a place to end things.  This is why, at times we can be surprised when an old pattern arises, even if we thought we had cleared it out pretty well already!

All of our “issues” in life stem from some form of a disconnect of Love for Self, and generally we have some core patterns in our subconscious mind that can be identified as a belief in being unworthy.  This is where patterns like insecurity and self doubt branch out from, and things can seem a little bit ‘tricky’ at times, because these core patterns, through years and years of validation have trickled throughout our mind like an ivy plant.  A plant with such delicate stems can sure wrap itself around things with rather intense strength!  The belief of being unworthy can branch itself out into different areas, sort of like “sub beliefs”, such as insecurity or self doubt, feeling rejected or abandoned, and especially our old friend, the victim.  Because we didn’t receive much conscious healing around these ideas in our youth (most of us), they continued to grow each time we believed anything negative about our self or another.
In these times, we are essentially unraveling the grip of these beliefs by showering ourselves, others, and our planet with Love, realizing that while they have seemed to have a pretty tight grip, they do not hold the power we may have once thought.

So, if you are experiencing a sort of internal “spring cleaning” for yourself, don’t be afraid to crawl back into those seemingly dark and dusty corners.  Use your internal flashlight that is the Love in your heart, to illuminate those little dust bunnies and free them from feeling like they’re all alone.  Love your Self in every way possible, beginning with loving thoughts…

I am safe, I am loved, I am supported, I am Good, I am living my purpose, I am free to enjoy my Self, I am free to express my Self, I am beautiful, I am worthy!

Be Love.

(… pass it on!) :D

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