Transformational Breath®

What is Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath is a powerful Self-directed energy healing system which holistically integrates wellness in our body, mind and spirit.  Through a full, deep, open and connected breath we connect with a higher level of our being, opening all the chakras and healing old mental/emotional trauma being stored on the cellular level.

How Does It Work?

As we open to our breath, fully utilizing our respiratory systems and allowing higher levels of oxygen into our bodies, we naturally connect with Prana (life force energy) which is a high vibrational frequency.  Through the principles of entrainment, energy being stored at lower frequencies is risen to the levels of Prana, and stays there.  True transformation through the breath.  How simple is that?

Life is a series of cycles and patterns.  The rhythm of open, Activated breathing is essentially a pattern which could visually be seen as that of the infinity symbol, energy flowing back and forth, up and down, in and out, push and pull, circular, with no end and no beginning.  This is how the breath is the ultimate metaphor for life.

In relation to healing on any level, our breath is at the top of the list in terms of healing tools.  All illness, injury, dis-order and dis-ease is energy being ‘held’ in certain patterns at certain densities.  A human’s innate state of health is well, in all ways – body, mind and spirit.  However, the patterns by which our mind(s) run is what creates our experience of our Self and life.  When we stub a toe, for example, a natural reaction to the pain is to hold our breath, and this is a kind of self-protection mechanism that serves only one helpful purpose – to get our attention that there is now pain that needs tending to.  We’ve all likely realized the instant relief upon taking a deep breath in moments of pain, and this is because the breath is facilitating restoration of our innate, natural balance in mind, body and spirit.

Whenever we repress or suppress negatively energized emotions (fear, anger, guilt, shame, worry…) these energies get stored as patterns in our physical body and mind, in our container.  In order for them to be released, they need to be expressed.

Through intuitive connection, I read and “feel” what is needing to be released, and utilize a method called “Body Mapping”, focusing on ‘trigger points’ throughout the body where the old energy has risen and with application of loving pressure, periodic movement, sound (toning) and an open breath, the energy is released and the pre-existing (subconscious) patterns are transformed.

“Breathers” may or may not have conscious awareness of what is being transformed, and always feel lighter, more clear, joyful, peaceful and flowing with love following the sessions.

The 3 Levels of Transformational Breath®

On this level we experience major increases in our energy levels, boosts in our immune system, healing of physical dis-ease and overall detoxification of negative energies.

Old emotional traumas and limiting thought patterns get risen to the surface to be transformed, and this creates new space for our innate goodness to prosper.

As we open our breath, we open our life.  On this level we deeply connect to spirit, remembering even more who we truly are, why we are here and our connection with our higher Self.  It is ‘here’ we realize  that we are in all ways safe and loved, and free to be, do and have all our hearts desire.


“Tina is a wonderful representative for Transformational Breathing. She is clear and present and has a very powerful presence  with her clients.  She combines her other trainings and skills very well with Transformational Breathing.  I fully encourage anyone to experience TB ,  a very amazing  integrative breathing system, with Tina.”

~Dr. Judith Kravitz
  Founder,  Transformational Breath Foundation


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