What is Self Empowerment?

You will see throughout this website that I capitalize the word “Self”, and this is to emphasize the reference to the higher Self within all of us that is in all ways connected to our innate well being.  Our natural state of being is healthy, prosperous, abundant, joyful, loving, peaceful… in other words, anything we consider to be “good”, we already are.  It is only limited perception that causes us to believe otherwise – and it is our thoughts and beliefs which create our experience, and our choices either empower or disempower our Self and each Other with each thought, feeling, word and action we choose in each moment of each day of our lives.  It’s time for us to wake up and fulfill our True potential… ♡


All of our “issues” in life stem from some form of a disconnect of love for Self.  Therefore, the antidote to all of our perceived problems is, LOVE!

Sounds easy, right?  Then why is it that we still struggle to create the lives that our hearts desire the most?

Simply put, it is our beliefs that either propel us forward, or hold us back.

Our subconscious mind is a memory bank that holds every element of every experience we have ever had, and our memories and experience go far beyond this present life alone.  We have developed some core subconscious patterns that can act like anchors in holding us down, and since they are stored in our subconscious mind, we aren’t always aware of them or how they are creating our life experience.  Even as we become conscious of them, we must continue to transform these patterns at their roots, so to speak, and this requires us to shift the power of our unconscious ‘default setting’ from FEAR, to LOVE.  Because these patterns have been set unconsciously, they must be reset consciously.

It is every One’s birthright to Be, Do and Have all they desire.  Innately, we all Know this, and our desire to satiate this thirst for freedom guides us along our paths of conscious evolution.  In many ways, the older, less evolved version of “the game of life” was focused on “me”, and as we evolve our consciousness the focus comes back to “We”.  Along this journey, the I AM presence within us must be empowered.  This means far more than creating fancy things and material success.  As we evolve we remember what truly matters, which is Life itself, and as we empower our connection with our Self, we ARE joyful, present, peaceful, loving… and from here we DO the things we love, trusting that we are safe, loved and supported in all ways to DO so, and HAVE a life that expands exponentially in joy, peace, success, love, and all the things we know to be good in our hearts!

It’s Not What We Do, It’s How We Do It…

In that we are human BEings, it is our state of BEing in each moment which creates our future, and there are no exceptions to this.  Often, it is our subconscious core patterns which dictate our beingness, as we continue our old default setting of negative reactions to various aspects of life.  For example, because most of our issues in life stem from some form of disconnect of love for our Self, the ‘root’ of this is a core pattern of believing that we are in some way unworthy… unworthy of being loved, unworthy of being prosperous, unworthy of being healthy, happy, peaceful… etc.  This core pattern can be played out in a variety of creative ways as well, which is why many of us can feel ‘stuck’ in certain patterns of lack and frustration, for example.  We often think of what we can DO in order to create the changes we wish to see in our lives, but no amount of action we take will ever create the results we truly wish to experience, until we BEcome that change that we wish to see.  We must shift our state of being (our state of mind) to match the experiences we wish to have, and once we are aligned, we take inspired action to accelerate the wheels of Creation, which is ALL WAYS trying to give us the most amazing life experience… amazing beyond comprehension!  Because of these subconscious core patterns that are negative in nature, we unconsciously block our innate Good with our old, conditioned mindsets.  We must open our minds so that we may BE open to allow our Good to flow to and through us.

How It ‘Works’…

I intuitively work with your energy – and often your higher Self, Guides and Angels will join us in our sessions – to help you attune your mind and overall Being with your best and quickest path to true Self empowerment.  The pace at which you expand is completely up to you, and myself along with your spirit Guides are happy to guide you ‘down the rabbit hole’ as far as you wish to venture, in the ways that are most comfortable and exciting for you – including supporting you into stepping just outside of your old comfort zones, as this is often what is required for us to break our old limited patterns and set our new, empowered patterns.

You will be given practices to help you expand your mind and your heart as you redirect the old patterns of lack and limitation in your subconscious mind.  Together, we will create practices (exercises, tools, etc.) that are most resonant with you to ensure the empowerment of your connection with Self.

Commitment to your Self…

The journey to being Truly empowered within your Self is the most courageous journey any human will ever take.  While there is so much bliss and joy in living freely, there is also a journey to travel that will have its’ moments of discomfort as we un-complicate the mind.  One must be ready and willing to make this commitment to their Self, as many old paradigms will need to fall away in order to make room for the realms of higher consciousness to which you will naturally evolve.

A relationship can be seen as the space between two people, much like a bridge.  I am fully committed to meeting you half way, and when necessary, to come over to your side and help you back to being with me in the middle.  I ask that you check in with yourself to ensure you are committed to this process of empowered evolution.  If you feel both very excited and a little nervous, you are ready.

If you would like to see if Self Empowerment Mentoring is your next step, please view my Packages/Rates page, and feel free to contact me to schedule a free consultation.  I truly look forward to connecting with you.



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