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Viva Hot Yoga

#201 – 2032 Columbia Ave., Castlegar
Saturday, March 11
11:00am ~ 1:30pm
Please bring: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water bottle

Join us for a glorious class of mind and body opening yoga, then gently transition into a deeply relaxing and healing breath work session.  We will have special treats to offer, leaving you deLIGHTed in all ways!

* Pre-paid registration is required, as spaces are limited. *

Registration Options with Viva (cash/credit/debit)…
In person: Viva Hot Yoga, 201 – 2032 Columbia Ave. (check class schedule for Open times)
PHONE: 778.962.0111 (to reach Tina Baudon and set up registration)
ONLINE: -> ‘Schedule’ -> ‘Sign Up Online Here!’ -> ‘All Service Categories’ -> ‘Workshop/Series’ (you may be required to set up a profile if you haven’t done so already)

Options with Tina (cash/e-transfer)…
PHONE: 778-962-0111
EMAIL (for e-transfer):



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