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Quiet The Riot

I realize I am not likely to have the ‘popular perspective’ on the events that took place following the Stanley Cup finals last night in Vancouver, but am feeling compelled to write about it anyway.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am someone who coaches and teaches people how to create positive change in their lives by understanding laws of energy – in particular, the laws of attraction.  This is all fine and good when we are wanting to attract more money or an ideal mate into our lives, but where we really have an opportunity to create positive change lies within the energy we give to our world – and this energy always emanates from our thoughts.
The most basic concept to understanding the laws of attraction, and how they work, is in realizing that our thoughts are creating our experience and that what we focus on expands.

First I’m going to say that I, as I’m sure you do, feel a mixed bag of emotions due to the events that took place in a city that I lovingly called home for so many years.  I don’t believe that any of it had anything to do with the outcome of a hockey game, and I do believe that the people who chose to be violent set out to be so before they left the house that day, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Personally, I am someone who chooses to practice forgiveness and compassion, as I feel that anyone who acts in such a fearful way is disconnected from feeling love for themselves and this is acted out by causing damage to others.  It’s really just a projection of how they feel about themselves and their lives.  Having said that, it can be challenging to be loving when seeing some of the pictures and video footage of people burning cars, smashing windows and stealing, and turning violent on people who are trying to keep the peace.

Through social media I have been observing a myriad of reactions to the riots, and this inspired me to take a step back and view our world’s known history from an energetic perspective.
One thought I had while watching the live footage on the news was “It’s so unfortunate that a handful of people can ruin it for the rest”, which was followed by “(sigh)… story of our world.”.  This caught my attention.  It IS the story of our world!

Most of us may not be quite aware of how we are all contributing to the well being (or demise) of our world.  Often we think it’s all due to the action we take, but we are human BEings, and action is secondary.  First and foremost, how we are being in any given moment is how we are creating our experience.
When we observe something, we tend to give it meaning, which forms our thoughts, which cause us to feel emotion, which ripple out and contribute to the expansion of ‘said’ experience.  A common example might be if we observe a low number in our bank account, and give it a meaning of ‘lack’, then think “life is hard”, “it’ll never get better”, then we feel insecure and afraid.  As we continue this cycle, this continues a similar experience.  It is when we choose a new cycle, that our experience changes.

I was thinking about how we generally tend to perceive the negativity in our world. (Note: fear energy is negative vibration; love is positive vibration)
We tend to negatively criticize the negativity in the world, with seemingly good intention to create positive change.  While it is loving in intention, it is still a continuation of fear.  Negative energy cannot be transformed into positive energy from a place of negativity.  It’s a physical impossibility.  A new and different story must be told.

What if the only response given to ‘the riot’ was a peaceful one?
What if more people felt safe in banding together in love with the intention of creating the changes we really wish to see?
What if we were able to release the past and be present with what is, now, and move forward with a clear mind and an open heart?
What if rather than fuel the fire with thoughts of hatred and separation, we chose to ‘quiet the riot’ with thoughts of love and compassion?

What if???

If the common denominator is fear – and we can certainly see evidence of this throughout our world’s history – doesn’t it make sense that if we choose to make LOVE the common denominator, that we will create the world we actually want to live in, and pass this on to our children?

Maybe we feel helpless in creating change that big.  Maybe we think that complaining about those who act negatively will create change.  Maybe we have lost sight of what negativity is.  Maybe we have lost sight of what Love is.

Complaining about anything never feels truly good.  Maybe we do so with a distant belief that it does… and maybe for a moment it does offer relief from the pain.  But when it comes to energy, it will never, ever create change that feels truly good.  That change can only come from a glimmer of feeling good, now.  As we choose to focus on the positive aspects of life, we will create more to feel good about.  It is law.  What we focus on expands.

So maybe we do feel helpless from time to time… none of us are alone in that.  I saw video of small numbers of individuals who were embodying peace and love in front of very large crowds of angry people to stop them from smashing windows in a department store.  It was amazing to see how the angry crowd was responding to these individuals, and stayed back.  There were only a small handful to stand in front of the windows, so eventually the windows did get smashed when no one was in front of them, and even one beautiful man was thrown to the ground and was hurt… but two more beautiful people came in to protect him.  And you know what happened immediately after?  The crowd left!  This man received a few bumps and bruises, and it was difficult to watch, but in the end, love prevailed.  Love will always trump fear.

“You must be the change you wish to see in this world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Whether it’s a whole crowd or just one of us… we all hold the power within us to create the change we wish to see.  It’s never too late to heal the past, to forgive ourselves and others for our shortcomings, and to create profound change.  It’s our choice, each of us, in who we choose to be and how we wish to give ourselves in this big, beautiful world!

If you are one who chose to contribute to the violence of this event, or any other, please know that you are loved.  We see you, and we want you to know that you are safe and seen and valued even if you can’t see that for yourself.  The attention you seek through your actions is not reflective of who you truly are.  You think you are a victim to this world and ‘have a right’ to cause s*#t?  You are not a victim, friend… never was, never will be.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  It’s time for you to take responsibility for your life and know your worth.  Don’t blame Mom and Dad anymore… the time limit on that has expired.  You are a beautiful aspect of this beautiful world.  You are here for much bigger reasons and you have so much amazing value to share…  Step up!

Much love to all… every day, in every way.

Be Love.

(… pass it on!) :)

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