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Life Is All Ways Perfect

While it is True that life is all ways perfect, trusting in this is another matter all together.  Does it makes sense that if things aren’t seeming to go your way, that this is in some Divine way perfect?  Being upset about things certainly doesn’t help them become easier, mainly because the energy of upset and ease are polar opposites.  As we move along our conscious path we come to realize the ease that comes with trust, and because we are coming from a long line of unconscious living, or being asleep, it is essential to consciously practice our awareness that it is safe to trust in all of life.  And I do mean all of it, not just the “good” stuff… because it is all Divinely good.

Please take note that when I say “Life is all ways perfect”, I am not referring to “all the time”, it refers to “all aspects”.  Remember that time is an illusion used in our reality to assist us in playing our Human game.  All time and all aspects are happening right here, right now, and it is our mortal mind that is caught up in the past or future along with the judgments we give to situations, relationships and all things that may or may not seem to be going our way which determines our experience.

There is Divine order and timing to all aspects in life.  If and when we find ourselves heading in one direction, then get unexpectedly re-routed or have the brakes slammed on, it makes sense to try to take control of the wheel and ‘fix things’ when we are living unconsciously through the perspective of our mortal minds.  A key to living consciously is to allow ourselves to take a step back from what we believe is happening around us, and observe that there is a purpose to it, even if we can’t see what that might be at the time.  The simple act of shifting the perspective to Trust rather than Fear is the most important step.  And as we evolve in our consciousness, it is likely that we will gain the awareness as to “why” things are happening in the ways they are in a given moment.  This can be helpful, but is certainly not necessary to live a life of joy.

Within the “old world” ways of living and thinking, there seems to be a belief that if a person simply surrenders within turmoil that they don’t care.  In the old ways of thinking (living from the perspective of the “logical” head space), people are conditioned to grab the wheel and try to take control, and if something we want isn’t going the way we hoped, we can force it to work.  Gee, that sounds like fun. ;)   Not exactly in alignment with a life of fun and ease, is it?

The reason you are here, reading this now, is because on some level you have chosen to live your inherent right to a life of fun and ease.  How does it feel to trust that everything in your life is all ways perfect?  Those people that just get on your last nerve, those circumstances that just never go your way, those relationships that seem to break your heart… all perfect.

You may find yourself saying, “How is this perfect???  It hurts!!!”

Have you noticed that you might have been taught to see things this way?  And that only when things feel good, they might be seen as perfect?  And even then, you best be careful and not get too excited, because “all good things must come to an end”.  That’s a rather unfortunate belief, and it is certainly not an accurate one.

Those things in life that seem hard and painful are serving a great purpose, which is to help you to choose to be who you really are. The more we choose this- and who we really are is joy, love, peace, fun, ease- the more we create a life experience that is in True alignment with this energy.  Therefore, that relationship that didn’t turn out the way you thought you’d like it to, can be creating the space for you to experience relationships more in alignment with who you really are. There is all ways something to be experienced in the ebb of the flow of life.  There will all ways be a flow that follows, and both the flow and the ebb are perfect in their creation.  Rather than judge the ebb as negative, see it as perfect in its’ Divinity.  Allow yourself to be open to the possibility of it creating a space for more and better in your life.  Don’t get attached to what it means, or how you think it should be… just let it be.  The universe/God/Source/Spirit has a much greater view point to how your life will be most enjoyed, and when the perfect time for the people, resources, events and opportunities to present themselves will be.  Think back to your life up until now, and see the perfection in the order and timing of everything.  Were you ‘ready’ for that job before you started it?  Or how about your partnership, or parenthood?  Even if at the time you didn’t think you were ready, once it came into your reality, it all made sense, right?  Bring that awareness into the present moment, and allow yourself to continue on in your life being guided by your heart, which all ways knows that life is all ways perfect.  And remember to breathe! :)

Here is a prayer I use to connect myself to my present moment awareness that all in life is perfect:

God, I thank you for all ways guiding me to my highest good through my thoughts and feelings, and through the words and actions of others.  I thank you for all that has been, all that is, and all that will ever be.  I trust in the Divine order and timing of my life, and I am openly excited for all that is next.  Please, take my hand and show me the way.

Be conscious that fear is a choice, and that we are free to choose Love no matter what we are experiencing, or are not experiencing.  It is all ways what is going on within us that will create our experience.  Let go of the need to know what is next, and enjoy the presence in your heart that is eternally playful in the not knowing.  Realize that this is your only job (Joy Of Being). Choose ease, choose fun, choose to trust… and you are guaranteed to live your most amazing life, now!  Enjoy the ride!

Be Love.(… pass it on!):)

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