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Is The Mind Found In The Brain?

Something I find interesting, is how medical researchers publish reports that come up as inconclusive, while dressing things up as being conclusive.  Words like “probable cause”, “may be”, “could be” are strewn throughout so many of these reports, particularly when it comes to medical ‘issues’ that are mental in nature.

As physical science can only see so far – based on physical perception and evidence alone – so many studies are done on the brain to see the relationship between two things.  Last night I watched an episode of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, and the study was on pot use among schizophrenics, which is labelled a mental health issue.  I heard one researcher explain his research, sounding very sure of what he was sharing and had discovered which was that pot use leads to schizophrenic episodes and psychosis, only to finish by saying “so, perhaps this is what is going on.”.  Where we humans have slipped in the past, is listening to the words of others and putting all our own stock into them, doing what others say is “right” out of fear of what is said to be “wrong”.

I believe where science falls short, lies in mistaking the brain for the mind.  This is something that we humans have mistaken for a veeeerrrry long time.  Remember those stories of when we used to drill holes in people’s skulls to release evil spirits?  Or decapitating someone and shrinking their head with the intention of making it difficult or impossible for an evil soul to return to a body?  A lot has certainly changed since then, but there is also still a large amount of mis-information being passed along as truth.  There’s nothing “wrong” with this, but it does show us that at certain levels of consciousness we are only able to see so far, through a relatively limited perception.  Studying the brain in an attempt to learn about the mind is always going to lead to inconclusive results.

No wonder we think we only use 10% of our brains! ;-)

When we understand that the brain only operates via the direction of the mind we gain a deeper understanding of who we are… that we are energy, being human, and that energy is in a constant state of motion.  If we take a snap shot of the brain, and declare this is “how things are” in a finite sense, we are fooling ourselves.  Literally.

When we accept that nothing is finite and that everything is open to change upon the direction of the mind, we will make HUGE advances in medical science.  We are seeing more and more of this as more and more of us remember this.

With metaphysical science, the beauty is in combining our physical senses with our higher or non-physical senses.  We can only understand this and trust that we know more than we physically see as our consciousness evolves, and we no longer ‘need’ physical evidence to know what we Know.  (I capitalize the “K” to emphasize the reference to our innate, higher, divine knowing)

On a physical level, the mind resides in every cell within our bodies, and also within every particle of the universe.  We understand that there is but one Mind in/of the universe, we call this God, and that we are individualized expressions of the One God Mind of all that is.

As human consciousness evolves, we will be able to understand consciousness more and more, and will have technology to support us in studying further/deeper/higher, if we so choose.  Many of us are understanding our Selves more deeply and fully with each day, and more and more of us are coming into this understanding at a very rapid pace.  This is what we call our “awakening”.

So what is this all teaching us, or more accurately, reminding us?  That we all innately hold divine wisdom within us, and that we each know what is best for us.  In short, think for your Self.  Know what you Know.

So, in conclusion, it’s all inconclusive, because it’s all continually changing.

This is our cosmic joke. ;-)

In Love,images
Tina <3

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