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The Art of Wanting Nothing

How can wanting nothing be an art, when we are all wanting something?  Even Abraham-Hicks invites us (or lovingly ‘dares’ us) to try to not want anything… it’s impossible.  We are naturally growth seeking beings.  So how is it possible to want nothing???

Have you ever noticed that if you’re feeling low (doubtful, untrusting, scared, lacking, upset…) it is because we are focused on what is missing?  We may think we are feeling low because of what is there, right in front of us, but that’s not it.  We are very clever in disguising how we perceive things.  We can tell the story of “Well, he/she said or did this or that, and I’m justified in feeling this way!”, or “Business is slow, and it’s normal to freak out when that happens!”.  What is on the other side of the coin in these types of observations?  A desire for something different… the thing we are perceiving the lack of.  If he/she said or did this or that, and it has caused you to feel uncomfortable, could it also be true that you would actually desire a certain type of experience or relationship that would create a more desirable feeling to your life?  And if business is slow and you feel uncomfortable, could it be true that there is something more you desire?

It is an innate desire to want more in life.  More of whatever feels good to you.  It is natural to want great relationships that are fun and filled with love and laughter.  It is natural to want to thrive in what you do, especially when you love what you do! (and if you don’t love it, why are you doing it?)  Is it more money you are wanting, or might it be more opportunity to do what you love?  And if you are wanting more money, why?  And, do you really want that other person to behave in a certain way, or is your desire to experience more loving relationships?

Abraham discusses where our wants can place us, energetically speaking.  And where this is, is far apart from the experience of having “it”.  It is within that space that we experience this illusion of fear and suffering.  As we hold ourselves in a space of wanting (what we are believing we don’t have in that moment), it usually doesn’t feel good, as what we are really doing is telling a story of lack.  And that never feels good, I don’t care who you are… you can’t tell me that it feels good to tell a story of lack!  And I’m not just talking about money here.  We all have our chosen ‘tools’ to work with to help remind us of who we really are.  We are innately abundant, and on some level we know this, so when we tell a story that we don’t have enough, or aren’t enough – and remember, we are so very clever in disguising how we do this – God is reminding us of our truth through the feeling of dissonance in our being.  It’s a kind ‘tap on the shoulder’ to point us back in the right direction.  Yet, we often get caught up in the lack story as being real, and are convinced we need to look at it that way.  It’s as though if we don’t give it attention, it won’t get fixed.  What we focus on expands. No exceptions.

If there is something (or a few things.. ;) ) that you are believing you do not have, and are therefore wanting, I invite you to take a step back from that perspective and honestly ask yourself if you do not have it, right now.  If it is money, and you physically have none in this moment, acknowledge that whatever you think money would bring you, you have this right now.  This may be freedom, peace of mind, happiness, a feeling of abundance… it’s all here, right now.  It can’t not be.  It’s who you are!!!  And this whole subject of abundance… goodness, how we focus on abundance being ‘things’.  It is a state of being, just like everything else.  We don’t go around saying “I am a sports car”, we say “I am abundant”.  And as we truly believe this, maybe something like a sports car will show up to reflect this inner knowing.  Maybe it’s money.  Maybe it’s more loving relationships.  But first, it has to start with our own perspective.  We must be abundant to know abundance.  The longer we want abundance, the longer we will be wanting it.  Capisce?  ;)

Today, be aware of not only how you are holding yourself, but where you are holding yourself.  Are you in the want, or are you in the know?  You already know the answer… don’t you!?!

Be love.

(… pass it on!)


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