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A short while ago I watched the documentary film “FOOD, Inc.”.  While there is a lot of revealing and relatively shocking information about the truth behind most of the foods we see in our supermarkets and restaurants, there was a particular segment of the film that caught my attention and inspired me to write about it.

The basic hypothesis of the film is that in the commercial food industry, profit is often chosen over quality of life.  The ripple effect of these choices often ‘clouds’ the judgment of the consumer when only one source of information is offered as ‘truth’, this being in the best interest of the company and not the consumer.  We can see evidence of this through marketing methods, when food that has been genetically modified or altered in any unnatural way is being presented as a “healthy choice”, even when the science proves otherwise.

What inspired me to write, was the story of a family who continually chose dis-ease over their health, believing it is their only choice.  The parents were telling their story that they “just don’t have time to cook” and that “when you can buy 3 cheeseburgers for the price of a head of lettuce”, what other choice do you have?
Both parents are overweight, the father is diabetic, and they spend hundreds of dollars each month on his medication.  What caught my attention is not what their choices are, but rather how they are choosing them, and that without realizing it, this is the same path they are teaching their children to follow.  I felt compelled to write about it as I’m sure we can all relate to their story in some way or another.

Realizing that the energy of our thoughts, and therefore our choices, is what is creating our life experience, what are we affirming by saying “we don’t have time” when it comes to making healthy and loving choices?  I’m not just referring to food choices.  If we can see the metaphor in how we nourish our selves and our soul through the choices we make, we can see that we make choices in all areas of our lives that feed us in both positive and negative ways.  While we may have a lot going on in our lives, “not having time” is never really true.  It is a choice, whether we realize it or not, and when we choose to affirm we “don’t have time” to choose things that we know in our heart serve us in a positive way, we are essentially distracting ourselves from knowing true prosperity.  It is when we fall victim to these distractions, that we miss out on an opportunity for self empowerment.  Generally, when we say “I don’t have time”, our truth is just that we are choosing something else, instead.  It’s important to own our choices, and this way we don’t fall victim to something that is completely within our realm of choice.  Therefore, if you buy 3 cheeseburgers because you want to, and you don’t want a salad, own your choice.  If you do want salad, own and honor your choice.  In truth, we are supported in all ways we choose.

If we are in the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables for example, because we believe these are a healthy choice, we may find ourselves deliberating over whether to purchase the organically or conventionally grown produce.  On one hand, our conscious preference may be to consume the organic produce, but we choose otherwise once we’ve compared the price.  While on the surface this choice appears to have been made based on simple economics, it has likely been made from an unconscious belief that we don’t deserve to thrive – stemming from one of our most common core patterns, belief of unworthiness.
Many of our choices are made unconsciously, and are misaligned with our natural state of infinite prosperity.  When we choose, for example, to opt for foods that are chemically treated over foods that are not, because of price, we are likely reflecting our own sense of self value, or lack thereof.  I’ll make one point very clear here again, it is not what we choose, it is how we choose it that determines our experience.

When we come to remember, and further more know that we are infinitely abundant, loved, and are all ways provided with everything we desire in our hearts, we begin to make new choices that are more in alignment with this knowing.  We are using food as an example here, but this is really mirrored any time we make a choice that opposes our true desire.  If our true desire is to thrive, (which it is, because it is our nature) and we feel that the organic food supports and contributes to that desire, then choose the organic food.  Release your self from being worried about the price, and how that may ‘cost’ you in the future.  Observe where that thinking has taken us before… worry will only create unhappiness.  When you align yourself with the choices that are true in your heart, the universe will support you in the continuation of that choice… our ‘job’ is to believe that.

Whether it be food/health, relationship, money, or career choices, our body is all ways following the direction of our mind, and remember that energy cannot lie.  When we are true to our selves, by choosing in accordance with our highest desires, we thrive in body, mind and spirit.  A reminder again that for many of us, our choices are made unconsciously, and this is surely something we can all relate to in one form or another.  This is what this blog is all about… to assist those aspects of the mind that have been enjoying a lengthy snooze in WAKING UP! ;)

You are Love.  Take your time, be easy, gentle and loving with yourself as you continue your journey of awakening… there’s no finish line, and no one is timing you.  You have all the time, space and loving support in the world (and far beyond).  Take your next step in tuning into what your highest choices are, and open your heart to allow the love of the universe to flow through you.  You are safe, you are loved, and you are in all ways held in the loving embrace of angels… close your eyes and breathe… can you feel them?

Whatever choices you may be holding back on, step into them now.  You know the ones… the ones that may feel ‘too good to be true’?  Yes, those are the ones.  Feed yourself well… let yourself thrive.  It is your birthright.

Be Love.

(… pass it on!) :)

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