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The Metaphorical River of Life

As I floated down the Slocan River yesterday, relaxing in the hot summer sun on my inflatable dinghy, […]

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Spring Cleaning

It’s been a while since my last entry… in hindsight I can see I was going through a […]

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Y’Gotta Eat!!!

I recently celebrated a birthday, which is also the anniversary date for the union of my partner and […]

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What’s Going On???

You may have been noticing some pretty ‘interesting’ things the past 3-4 weeks, to say the least.  We […]

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Quiet The Riot

I realize I am not likely to have the ‘popular perspective’ on the events that took place following […]

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Food For Thought

A short while ago I watched the documentary film “FOOD, Inc.”.  While there is a lot of revealing […]

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Transition into 2011 and Beyond

As we become closer to living in the Age of Aquarius, many of us may feel confused through […]

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The “Right” Stuff

Yoga.  Vegan diet.  TV/no TV.  Vegetarian diet.  Meditation.  Massage.  Energy healing.  Raw food.  Go to the gym.  Sunshine […]

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Life Is All Ways Perfect

While it is True that life is all ways perfect, trusting in this is another matter all together.  […]

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The Art of Wanting Nothing

How can wanting nothing be an art, when we are all wanting something?  Even Abraham-Hicks invites us (or […]

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