M y nature has always been to help people find peace and harmony in their lives, and the more I focused on living a peaceful and harmonious life myself, the more I awakened to remember that guiding and assisting others through their process of conscious evolution was the service I incarnated into this current life to provide.

In order to assist me in remembering this, I chose to live in the lower densities and experience myself as that which I am not – limited, unworthy, not good enough – so that I could learn from these experiences by choosing to live in my Truth, allowing me to embody more light which not only contributes to my own soul’s evolution, but also to the collective evolution of our world as a whole.

This is why you are here as well.

We all have the innate ability to rapidly learn and accomplish anything that we are passionate about, and this is because we’re not actually learning anything, but rather tuning into an innate Knowing and a ‘future’ reality that already exists… downloading information from the great, all Knowing mind of the universe, into our individualized “smaller minds”, if you will.  One could say it is a process of re-cognition.

I have been mentored by some truly amazing people, who were both professional and non-professional in their service, and whom all have taught me both who I wish to be, and who I wish not to be.  I consider all of my teachers to be equal in their greatness, and give each of them equal appreciation and gratitude.  Among my teachers, I consider my clients to be among the greatest and most powerful, in that together we create an amazing space of reflection and growth.

We all hold the answers we seek within our Selves, and my service is to assist people in connecting with this inner Knowing through  empowerment of Self.  (Please visit the Mentoring page to read more on “how” and “what” I do).

Above all else, the method of learning through which I have received the most benefit has been Life itself.  Remembering to pay attention to my own intuition and trust and follow the guidance of my heart is what has created the monumental changes within myself and led me here.

Having said all that, in order to become the teacher, one must also be the student.  I have received co-active life coach training through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and became a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator through the Transformational Breath Foundation.

In the summer of 2011, I was inspired to obtain a doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Metaphysics, and have since received a Bachelor’s degree (B.Msc.), Ministerial degree, and Master’s degree (M.Msc.).  Currently, I am completing my Doctoral dissertation on The Evolution of Consciousness.

Over the past few years I have worked with hundreds of people both locally and internationally, providing services in person as well as via phone and skype.  I hold workshops and classes on how to BEcome in alignment with our future desires with specific focus on breathing, our thoughts/words, and understanding universal laws and energy.  I have held talks and workshops for organizations such as Selkirk Colleges, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

If you or your group/organization would like to discuss Self Empowerment Mentorship services with me – either personally (one-on-one), or within your professional environment or local community, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.


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