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Life is inherently simple. Yet, due to our historical conditioning, our minds have come to trust complication over simplicity. A simple test for this is to ask ourselves, "Do I trust that I am safe to choose my highest joy in each moment?". You may find your head holds one answer, while your heart holds another.

My service is assisting people in empowering our intuitive connection with our higher Self - otherwise known as our eternally wise, inner Knowing.
I do this through the offering of two services: 1.) Mentoring (similar to coaching and counselling) and 2.) Conscious breath work - both privately (one-on-one) and in classes and workshops.

I am a self proclaimed "energy junkie", and am constantly exploring and experiencing the power of our mind and our breath, which is the main focus I hold in my service combined with conscious utilization of spiritual principles and metaphysical/universal laws.
I have obtained Ministerial and Masters degrees in Metaphysical Science through the University of Metaphysics, and am currently completing my doctorate. You can learn more about me by clicking on the 'About Tina' tab at the top of this page.

We are all absolutely free to be, do and have all our hearts desire. I am here to help guide you to move beyond just 'thinking' this, into Knowing this, and therefore LIVING the life of your dreams, now.

Please feel free to explore this site, and contact me for a free consultation if you desire assistance in accelerating your conscious expansion during these unprecedented times.

May all Know their innate Good, in all ways.

Much love,

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About Tina...

Tina is gratefully dedicated to her life’s work, which is to support, guide and assist others in connecting with their Truly empowered, joyful Self.
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Once we awaken from the illusion, we literally create a new world. What this new world holds is your choice... how are you choosing?
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